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Terms and conditions of use

Users’ rights and obligations

The multimedia content represents original works and is protected as such by intellectual property law (copyright and related rights) for the duration of the literary and artistic property.
Use of the multimedia content by users is subject to a usage licence whose major features are: free downloading, authorised redistribution with the provision that the content is not modified or commercialised.
The usage licence below clearly details the terms and conditions of use for the website and the multimedia content for every user:


Authorisations :
- Authorisation to download the multimedia content on any access terminal entailing reproductions and presentation of the multimedia works;
- Non-exclusive authorisation to any user to reproduce, distribute and publicly broadcast the multimedia content by digital, paper and audiovisual channels with the provision that the internet address of the authorisation licence for any reproduction which the user wishes to distribute either on a digital or a paper format is included;
- Authorisation for the entire educational community formed by students and teaching personnel to distribute the multimedia content for teaching purposes;
- Authorisation to distribute the multimedia content in the non-commercial sector.
By distribution in the non-commercial sector, it is understood that this means putting the content at the disposal of any body of a cultural, social and/or educational nature which requests it, with a view to organising public, collective or individual presentations which do not charge an entry fee with the possible exception of a contribution towards the expenses directly incurred through organising the presentation;

Restrictions :
- In accordance with French and international intellectual property law, the user must make the source of the multimedia content being reproduced and presented clearly visible (address of the website in question).
- The obligation to cite the name(s) of the author(s) of the multimedia content whenever it is broadcast;
- The user may not commercialise any paper (prints), or digital uses of the multimedia content which he/she has made.
- The multimedia content as protected by the right of integrity of authorship may not be modified except for modifications resulting from technical restrictions;
- The user may not transfer the copyright on the multimedia content (the user does not own any copyright over these and he/she must contact the CNDP and its partners, the sole copyright holders).
The authorisations and restrictions described above in no way affect the tolerated uses deriving from the intellectual property code with regard to legal exceptions to copyright (article L.122-5 of the Intellectual property code)
This usage licence must be mentioned on websites distributing the content in question and/or be accessible by means of a hyperlink leading directly to its content.

- The CNDP and its partners expressly authorise reproduction and public broadcasting of the multimedia content on VHS DVD-ROM, DVD-VIDEO and CD-ROM formats and broadcasting through the television sector undertaken by users themselves or through external providers;

- These authorisations are aimed at classroom distribution of the multimedia content in offline formats within the context of teaching activities as well as in the non-commercial sector as part of festivals, science centres, fairs and conferences;

- The uses are also aimed at the reproduction and distribution of the multimedia content on users’ USB keys,  podcasters and mobile phones, with a view to reproducing them on these formats either for personal use or within the context of teaching activities for the class;
For any other broadcasting, reproduction and presentation, the user is invited to contact the CNDP and its partners by filling out the contact form.

Any use of the website’s original form and/or content in full or in part for commercial purposes by third parties using any format whatsoever is strictly prohibited.

Making the website content (audio, video, graphic and text elements) available to the public through sale, exchange or rental is strictly prohibited, even where the user is a member of the teaching community

Violation of these stipulations exposes the offender to the civil and legal penalties provided for by law.

The CNDP and its partners alone have the option to make use of online broadcasting platforms for public distribution of the abovementioned multimedia content. When the content has been uploaded onto these platforms, a hyperlink towards the CNDP site and/or its partners' sites is set up clearly marking the original source of the distributed content (URL address of the CNDP and/or its partners).


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