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Mutations - selection: the bacteria resist

Animation movie
5mn 04s



A young medical assistant is giving a nice presentation about the principles of evolution. The genetic information of each living being is subject to modifications. Mutations can lead to bacterial resistance towards antibiotics. When in contact with the antibiotic, the resistant bacteria will be the only ones to survive, multiply, spread all over and finishing up to be a big problem for medicine. 

Official competition at International Film Festival for Health "ImagéSanté 2010", "Science Film Festival Thailand 2010" and "Imagine Science Film Festival 2010"
Finalist at "International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge 2009" and "SCINEMA 2010".


Director: Yannick Mahé - Script: Gilles Macagno & Yannick Mahé - Illustrations: Gilles Macagno - Animation: Jean Rubak & Amélie Compain - Animation assistants: Jumi Yoon, Arnaud Bertuzzi, Nicolas Comte & Jessye Jakoby-Koaly - Voices: Debra Reynolds & Andrew Wilson - Sound design: Gérard Labady - Voice recording: Marie-Odile Dupont & Romuald Herrero - Sound editing: Marie-Odile Dupont - Video editing: Yannick Mahé - Production: CNDP (2009)

Scientific expert

Michel Raymond

Michel Raymond

Institut des Sciences de l’Evolution, Université Montpellier II/CNRS, France
Genetics of adaptation, human evolutionary biology

« During the last century, we have witnessed the triumph of evolutionary biology in explaining the living world. Darwinian evolution, based on natural selection, is the central process building living beings and their interactions: only studies based on this theory are able to improve the understanding of biology. Resistance to antibiotics, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, etc. developed by bacteria, weeds, insects, fungi, etc. are simple examples of natural selection in action. Natural selection is acting when variation is heritable and associated with differential reproduction: trait genetically determined are concerned, as well as numerous culturally transmitted traits. Evolutionary biology has thus many things to tell on humans and their interesting behaviours...»


Canopé Ludwig Maximilians Universität München Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Westfälische Wilhelms Universität Münster