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Good Milk / Bad Milk

Documentary video
7mn 2s



How come milk is popular and considered healthy in some parts of the world, but in other parts of the world it makes people sick? Did some of us evolve to be able to digest milk? Scientists have found out that there is a specific gene involved, the Lactase gene. People with one version of the gene can digest milk, whereas people with another version cannot. Evolutionary biologists Joachim Burger from Germany and Sarah Tishkoff from the USA study this gene in European and African people. They discovered that humans can evolve faster than expected.


Directors : Robert Sigl, Bernhard Rübe, Brant Backlund & Marion Hartl - Script : Lawrence Martin & Pleuni Pennings - Camera operator : Robert Sigl, Bernhard Rübe, Brant Backlund - Editor : Lawrence Martin - Animations : Kerstin Feurle - Illustrations : Anna Jreisat - Music : Seiji Nair - Audio Post-Production: Paul Darling - "Clean lab" footage : Alan Cooper & Jeremy Austin - Executive Producer : Pleuni Pennings - Production : LMU Munich (2011)

Scientific expert

Joachim Burger

Joachim Burger

University of Mainz, Germany
Anthropology and ancient DNA

«Honestly, I am not so sure why I do this kind of research. I guess it´s my interest in history of man. I use scientific methods to answer historic questions. The main motivation comes probably from programs I saw on television when I was a kid. Whenever I watched this it touched me so much that it gave me the creeps.»


Canopé Ludwig Maximilians Universität München Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Westfälische Wilhelms Universität Münster