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Updated: 6 April 2009

Evolution of life

This free website invites you to explore the sciences, and more particularly the principles of the evolution of life.

Accessible to everyone, it sets out three main headings :

   - observe : animations or films take you on a fascinating voyage on the trail of evolution,
   - explore : simulations allow you to experiment, and to understand better,
   - teach : various resources are suggested for use in class.

Evolution of life is available in three languages: French (fr), English (en) and German (de). You can pass from one to another using the menu on the left or at the foot of the page.

contact form is available for your questions or comments about the site.


The managers of the site wanted it to be wholly accessible for the greatest number of users.

Attention has particularly been paid to its concept and production, complying with the best international standards and recommendations.

If inspite of everything you find certain content hard to access, don’t hesitate to contact the webmaster using the contact form , so that she/he can put in place an alternative solution.


The site Evolution of life has been optimised for most browsers, in particular recent versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome and Safari.

With older browsers it is nevertheless possible that you will come across display problems, because they do not, or only partially, handle stylesheets and keyboard shortcuts for example.


On all pages of the site you will find the following navigational elements : 

   - Main menu : on the left on all pages, it allows access to the main content (a text version of the main menu is at the foot of the page)
   - Useful links : at the foot of the page, they allow access to information relevant to the site
   - Breadcrumbs : this method of navigation near the top of the page tells you where you are in the site, and allows you to move rapidly to a higher level of the site

Multimedia files

The site Evolution of life contains videos and Flash animations. To see them you need the program Adobe Flash Player© (at least Flash Player version 9) downloadable free from the following address : http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/. 

For easy viewing of videos online a broadband connection is recommended (if not you should opt to download the videos).
The online video player offers various features: play, pause, stop, time elapsed indicator, volume control, full screen mode, direct access to a scene. These are accessible with the mouse, and for some also by using the keyboard tab key. 


illustration explaining video player

* these options are only displayed if the video is divided into chapters and/or subtitled.

Download and re-use of the resources are authorised for educational purposes only (not to be modified or used commercially)


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